Seagate barracuda 500gb hard drive sata jumper settings

i have a 500gb seagate barracuda hard drive and i need to set the jumper to master but have no paper showing which 2 to use, i'm trying to transfer files with a usb sata/ide transfer cable and it needs to be set for master, any help. thanks
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  1. If your HDD itself is a SATA unit, you do NOT need to change any jumper setting on it. There is no such thing as a Master or Slave on any SATA device. There are some SATA HDD's with jumpers and pins on their back edge, but those are used for very different things. In fact, changing them can cause you problems unless you know what you're doing, so they are best left alone.

    Now, if your HDD really is an IDE drive, here is the Seagate diagram of how to set its jumpers:
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