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So i have an idea and in my head it functions im just wondering if anyone has pulled it off before. So my idea is to put a t connector at the low point in my loop. off of the T i would have an on/off valve. Then i would make a fill/drain hose that has the bard the will screw into the on/off valve. This way when i need to drain my system i let the drain hose hang and it will be lower causing the coolant to drain and when i need to fill i simply hold the hose above the case and pour in the coolant. Any opinions? As for placement, if the concept is sound, what would be best?
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  1. You can buy a drain valve
    Or make one
    Check out Conumdrum's "My Rig" link for some photo's

    Best to fill from a high point in the loop, not a hose held high that goes down to the drain valve
  2. +1, you'd want a fillport/ line at the top as well as the drain at the lowest possible point,
    Or have the Pc rotatable so the same line can fulfil both functions
  3. You could just have a stop fitting that just unscrews. They work pretty well and you don't need a valve to do anything.
  4. I too was astounded at the results we have a tendency to saw at the shoopbot camp when bill let us strive our hand at it. There was one piece there that gave the look of an old brass item, then you pick it up to understand its a piece of foam!

    The only way to tell your half isn't a piece of rusty steel would be to choose it up.
  5. Uhh...what? Lol Plumbo01

    Like delluser1 said, you can't use the drain port to fill as well even if you hold it above your loop, it still goes down to the bottom without getting anywhere else. Either use the top of your res as a fillport (with a QDC) or use a fillport.
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