Game system Hangs/or shuts off randomly

Ok, firstly, this is my first post here, please direct me to the right place if im posting in the wrong section.

So i got all these components together and its crapping out on me.
Here's what i got...

MSI nf750-g55 Mobo updated AMI BIOS ver. 1.2

AMD Phenom II X2 Black Edition 550 Callisto (on stock cooling)

4GB OCZ Obsidian DDR3 RAM (dual channel, 2 sticks) Rated at 9-9-9-24 1600

Dual BFG GTS250's in SLI

Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB Sata drive

SilverStone 600W PSU

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit edition

So i built the machine (using just ONE video card at first), it posted fine with default settings. I installed OS, and it booted just fine.
I installed drivers and such, no problems.
After a couple reboots, the system froze. No BSOD, no messages, just freeze.
Installed second video card.
Freezes continued to happen at random.
Tried updating the bios, went through without a hitch. System still randomly freezes.
Tried to adjust the RAM timings to get them to manufacturer recommended settings (see listed above) Could not get system to boot most of the time with those settings. It would occasionally though. (Mobo wont let me set voltage to 1.65 closest i could get was 1.64 then the settings jump to 1.67)
Removed one Ram stick, ran MemTest on each one. no errors on defaults, but could not get through test with any adjustments (ie manufacturers settings)
Tried running stress tests and benchmarks.
Video benchmarks only work with one video card installed, when in SLI, computer shuts off. no errors, no messages, just immediate power down.
This also happens occasionally with one video card as well. Tried both cards seperately, same result.

System also shuts down during gaming.

Whats up with it? any ideas? any troubleshooting i havent tried?
Im thinking it might just be a faulty board.....

Thanks for any help!!

EDIT: i forgot to mention that throughout all the troubleshooting, my CPU will sometimes post as a quad core, even though i never did anything to unlock other cores. This also seems to happen at random.
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  1. ::bump::

    Anyone got any ideas?
  2. ummm does anyone actually bother to TEST there rigs these days


    get back to us with results

    also, why MSI? there garbage, try setting everything manually in the bios, ram to 800 or 1333, and test each ram stick seperate, also get the latest drivers from direct sources eg nvidia for nvidia, dont bother with MSI's site for chipset/sound etc - outdated.
  3. I dont know a lot about which boards are best, but it seemed a good value for am3, and my last MSI board worked fine.

    As for the tests...yes, i ran most of them already.
    memtest worked fine for stock/default settings (1066) and for slight raise in im ratio (1333) but setting anywhere near actual manufacturer settings causes errors in test 4, 5 and 7. Yes, ive tested both sticks separately and get the same results.

    Same goes for prime95. when i do first test under torture tests (little to no ram involved) i have no errors for 30 minutes (i understand its not very long, but im just trying to get basic stability for now)
    When RAM is at default, all prime95 tests run ok, most of the time. Same for the 1333 setting (which i did by changing the ratio and voltage, timings left at auto)

    Ive also been running furmark and one called video stability test? (little globe spinning around).
    with one card installed, furmark and video test work fine, again, most of the time. with both installed, works fine too (without SLI, so second card isnt really doing anything anyway.) Once SLI is enabled furmark benchmark test crashes machine (straight power down, no errors or anything). Video stability test seems to error immediately when RAM is unstable in higher settings.

    oh yeah, Temps in speedfan all within normal range.

    ALL tests seem to randomly crash machine sporadically.

    I'll check the drivers for pretty sure i did that already, but i'll double check.
    Meanwhile, any other ideas?
  4. If your cpu is shown with 4 cores, it's because it really is. There should be an unleashing mode that you need to desactivate. This could really be the problem since not all X2 or X3 unleashed cpu work.

    Also, MSI is a really good brand, one of the top 3 manufacturer. On all the Asus, Gigabyte and MSI boards I got, MSI was the most reliable. MSI got the best energy saving option with their DrMOS. It's not software related and that's the big difference.

    If you want horror stories... buy a Asus M4A78T-E and a PII 965... good luck with your install, because the BIOS need to be updated with an older cpu.

    My GA-965P-DS3 from Gigabyte died on me 3 times at stock speed in less than a year... I will never trust their brand ever again.
  5. I just checked all the drivers. downloaded the nvidia nforce 750a SLI driver and reinstalled all of it. Still same problems. I havent had any lock ups in a while, other than in furmark and video games, but i havent been using the machine at all either. Furmark ALWAYS shuts the machine down when in SLI.
  6. I picked up a new power supply and it seemed to solve MOST of my problems.
    SLI works. Havent shut down or frozen up yet.

    Now, i just cant seem to get the RAM to run at Rated speeds.
    I got the OCZ ram rated at 1600 (9-9-9-24) so i wouldnt have to go through the trouble of OC'ing. Now it seems i have to anyway...any suggestions?

    BTW: still seems to run stable at defaults, and at 1333, so far
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