Casing recommendation - Alternative to Silverstone FT02

Hi all, total newbie here seeking some guidance. I'm planning on getting a brand new system built for me and am currently researching components. I was hoping to get the Silverstone Fortress 2, but no one seems to carry it locally in my country. So I need alternatives.

My priorities are as follows (from highest to lowest):

*Minimal dust - i.e., must have easily accessible filters (for cleaning) in place on all intakes
*Size - no bigger than the FT02 (212 x 497 x 616 mm) esp with regard to depth. I live in a studio apt, so space is at a premium.
*Silent (not total silence, reasonable noise is OK)
*Cool (again reasonable, I'm planning on purchasing better heatsinks/ component coolers for this aspect)

Costwise - again, no more expensive than the FT02, which was already stretching the budget
No in-your-face LEDs.

Help & recommendations appreciated!
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  1. The Antec 500, is it available where you are? Where are you based anyway?
  2. Correction:

    I made a mistake. Here is the correct information:

    Lian Li makes excellent aluminum cases. They are Silverstones' direct competitors.
  3. r_manic said:
    The Antec 500, is it available where you are? Where are you based anyway?
  4. Custom built, tig welded, cube case made out of sheet metal, with modright magnetic fan filters.

    Well maybe that's just me.
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