Am I Missing Anything?

Ok heres a list of what i plan on getting just want opinions and if im forgetting or missing anything.

FrozenQ Reactor Core V Series Reservoir - 160mm -

Swiftech MCR320 Quiet Power 3x120mm Radiator -

Danger Den CPX Pro 12V Pump -

Swiftech Apogee HD Water Block - White -

PrimoFlex Pro LRT Tubing 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD - Clear -

Koolance Liquid Coolant Bottle - Fluorescent UV Red - 700cc -

Monsoon Free Center Compression Fitting - 1/2"ID x 3/4"OD - Single White -

Total price around 330 USD
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  1. I would swap the apogee for the raystorm:
    it performs better, and as for coolant. USE DISTILLED WATER, and some red food coloring! :) Also, pick up some kill coils...
  2. wouldn't want to go the red food dye route, instead just get colored tubing and maybe uv cathodes and have the tubes in uv reactive variant.
  3. Kill coils, not kink coils,

    used to prevent creepy growth in your loop
    although if you go the UV route as Lutfij suggests (I use UV cathodes and a few coils in my loop)
    UV light kills goo as well :)
    clean loop equals happy clocking temps and less flushing :)

    **Edit, his res has UV cathode already Lutfij, same as my liquid fusions do,
    @Op bigger res, more lights hehe :P
  4. Oh OK. So with the kill coils I just throw some silver wire into my resume or am I missing something.

    As far as the bigger Res my case only has 5 5.25 bays so a bay res is out in my opinion for now. And I'm not sure if the 250ml will fit inside if i put in my second gpu loop. And yes motor I agree more lights I haven't gotten any yet lol. But they will be added.
  5. oh,ah the res... i missed the part about the frozen res' having a uv cathode in them

    if you don't have a problem by mix/matching parts from other sites - koolertek has tubing at a lower rate than xoxide.

    i really like those monsoon compression's but i decided to go with barbs on my themed build.

    which i7 dya have? i ask this cos watercooling isn't needed to tame the heat on those i7's at any clocks unless you're aiming for a 5Ghz OC. BTW, might wanna invest in a matched quad kit for the rams - as those 2 sets of timed dimms will cause an issue in your OC route.

    you sure about that MCP rad? there are others to be had for the same price and can operate at lower rpm's. head over to and check out his rad reviews... as well as the blocks he's tested out.

    the last bit of info i have to add, which you've missed completely is the fans. Be careful while getting them as there are fans which are fans...and ofc there are fans that are meant for radiator use.
  6. I have the 2600k sandy bridge. I was over clocked to 4.0 but it was getting too hot in my old case so i bought the switch and now with all the room I got I figured why not watercolor. Saying how at idle I'm running 43c but that's with stock Intel cooler
  7. hmm thas enough info :) a good air cooler like the Hyper 212 evo will keep it in check, though i'm dissing your watercooling adventure - just that a cheaper alternative is available in cooling. If you've read the sticky, it tells you whether you need watercooling. :D its your cash, not mine - only a suggestion...
  8. I'm PC Modding with the motto of 'because I can' lol and I always wanted to watercool lol
  9. but you'll reap dividends in the future when you go sli/crossfire and waterblock those gpu's...well then the points above should guide you to better selection of parts.
  10. I appreciate the new found encouragement
  11. just helping mate
  12. I know and I truly appreciate it. What Rad would you recommend instead of what I picked?
  13. honestly? i'd ask you to read sticky and find out the TDP of the hardware that'll go under water :) no pun intended. from there, go over to and check out the blocks, rads and i think the fans as well. all of the results are self explanatory and will take a while to digest.

    please bear with the info and be patient to nail this watercooling loop :)
  14. ok here are some new parts after i read reviews and double checked everything.

    CPU Block - Raystorm -

    Fittings - Monsoon Free Center -

    Radiator - XSPC RX360 -

    Pump - Danger Den CPX Pro-

    Res - XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay -

    Push Fans - Scythe Slip Stream 500RPM -

    Tubing - Feser UV Hose -

    Kill Coils - Anti Microbial Silver strip -

    After doing more measurments in my case i decided mounting a res inside of the main area would be too hard to keep it clean looking. So i decided to go with the bay res and the split res will be there for when i set up my second loop. I also found the ray storm to do better than the Swiftech.

    What do you guys think? And also when you mentioned distilled water do you mean plain distilled water that i can get at the supermarket? and will i need additives like liquid utopia or anything like that?
  15. And thank all you guys for all your help.
  16. Thats a nice looking loop, on phone so can't check all your links but looks good, I'll check pump out once I'm back at the Pc,
    Yes, that distilled is what most of us here use, along with a killcoil or two, and some folks use pt nuke or similar to help against algae, I don't bother though ,Uv and silver work fine for me and I don't want anything in there the cats can't drink if it leaked :-)
  17. thanks moto
  18. i am a big fan of the MCP355 or alphacool VPP pumps as they are like set and forget type of pumps. Personally, getting a pump to run off of a mobo header via pwm will only make you want o run speeds in BIOS or have speedfan manipulate the settings. Thas why i like the manual option. more flexibility on demand.

    the slip streams aren't rad fans but the Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15's are a nice touch to any watercooler's hardware - and ofc look at a fan controller for those fans. Its easy to turn DOWN a fan when its noisy or when you're running idle but you can't crank UP a fan when its originally of low rpm.

    stay away from the fesers, please - stick to Primochill or Tygon's

    the rad is also nice, but have you checked out the UT60 from alphacool via martinslab?

    * sorry it took me so long, i was fixing my own build log.
  19. Its ok and the reason why i have the slipstreams is because I only have 80mm of space where i want my rad. and the rad i have is designed for low rpm push through. so combined the rad and fans will have ~75mm so ill have ~5mm of clearance. Ill have 3 fans in pull on top of the rad as well.
  20. hmmm fair enough , was thinking of going with the XSPC RX360 myself until martins showed up with the UT60 rad and i went :ouch:

    on frozencpu, there are slipstreams of higher rpm's so you might wanna look at them.
  21. yea they come in 3 different rpms. The way im thinking of having it is use the low rpms on the bottom pushing up and have the higher rpms and better moving fans on the top to pull.
  22. erm, there is a slight issue with that, how rads act to fan setup is also debated and some reviewers have them set to push/pull with the same rpm on both sides. This isn't the same case with the corsair H series of coolers. I have the H50 modded and i know for a fact that the fans need to be higher on the push end and lower on the pull end.
  23. so i should just go with high speeds and use a fan controller?
  24. Those are some nice comp fittings. I think I found the fittings for my next big build in a few years :D
  25. saw the orange and i instantly thought - there's boiler1990's "hard tubed steampunk build".

    so i should just go with high speeds and use a fan controller?
  26. Yup, more love for those fittings from me :)
    +1 high speed fans and controller (or two,maybe three if you need :P)
    my Blue wings are 1500rpm but on low speed 6v, maybe 600rpm? and I really can't hear my Pc sat on my desk next to me
    **Edit, pump looks fine, as long as you're happy with the mobo controlling it, four metre head is good and strong
  27. couldnt i power that pump using a fan controller if i have enough W per channel?
  28. Good thinking there that man,
    I knew there was something about you hehe
    yes, as long as your Fc has at least 18w on a channel you can use it to alter the pumps power, I would make sure you never alter it unawares though hehe
    and if you have the setting on low, bear in mind start voltage may be higher, I.e you might have to start the pump on high and lower it each time you start the Pc up
  29. Due to lack of space I'm thinking of making my own that will come through the side panel. Still trying to work out the details in my mind but the way I see it is if i cut some 3 pin extensions and put the bare wires to a variable knob and also add a molex extension to add power I could successfuly make a fan controller. Then I should be able to chain some off of the same molex. Just need to work out the math. I may even turn it into a tutorial lol
  30. ^ you seem to be a modo twin :)
  31. ill take that as a great compliment
  32. and it was :) hows the setup looking?
  33. its looking good. expensive but good. ill probably buy it next pay check. just need to double check everything.
  34. Hrmm.., an apprentice have I?
    your cable management good it is?
    see we shall if worthy to be a nutcase you are,
    and by proxy, thank you also for the compliment Lutfij :)
    we seem to be getting a solid group of Modders/Wetheads together now,
    with Toolmaker and Sam here Toms might get known as a crazy mod place :)
  35. Ill be happy to join
  36. * i don't know how to link the audio int this post, but here goes
  37. What's that mean ^ lol
  38. I was actually going to quote this given your comment hehe
    **Edit, hmm yeah can't link individual wavs
    Always two there are, a master, and an apprentice

    thats what we were trying to link, you are my padawan hehe
  39. Very well
  40. Seriously though, it is great to have someone here with the same attitude to finding ways to get things done, and it only benefits the Toms community to have six or seven of us nutters bouncing ideas off each other, have you checked out the W/c discussion room? theres some wonders in there hehe
    it started off as a debate between Closed loops and real water, but we discuss allsorts in there :)
    **Edit, officialish list of Toms nutters,
    I'm sure I've missed one or two but I can add later :P
  41. :lol: - am honored seeing my name on that list - but am I worthy of the "nutters" title?
  42. Oh yes, you've come out with some cracking ideas, plus your modding (and subsequent hatred of) of the H50 puts you in the genius bracket :)
  43. Quote:
    (and subsequent hatred of)
    hehehe! :) much appreciated... !
  44. Quote:
    ...officialish list of Toms nutters,...

    Officialish must always be in the name now. I will now be using this word lol
  45. Shiny, might try and find those over here :-)
  46. yeah i saw that, but that seemed nice for a bay res plug - or maybe with a t-line maybe even in a frozen res :)

    but a nifty idea no-the-less!

    specialtech might have them...?
  47. im thinking to use it like a fill plug on my res
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