DIII CPU bottleneck?

Has anyone heard/seen any info on Diablo III system testing? Rumors on CPU requirements to prevent bottlenecking at 1920x1024 with med/high settings? I'm running an HD 6950 1gb and an i3 2120. I think i'm going to be good but I'm curious.
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  1. And another thing...What happened to the "Other"?
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    i have 1920x1024 and run it on max (the open beta was this WE). without any problems. but maybe maybe there are some little problems if there are 10x more monsters and spell effects on my screen in the full game.
    my PC:
    4GB ram
    abit9pro motherboard
    8800 gts 320mb (overclocked)
    e6750 CPU

    im almost 100% sure that the beta has the same max requirements as the full game
  3. Cool -thank you!
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