Bluetooth dongle problems

I received a USB Bluetooth dongle through the mail yesterday from Hong Kong. I plugged the device in and windows automatically installed the necessary driver to use the dongle. I successfully used the bluetooth device to sync with my palm phone numerous times for various functions. However, today when I removed the dongle (I didn't do any kind of eject or remove usb safely type of thing), and reinserted the bluetooth dongle, the error comes up that the USB device is unrecognized.

Could I have done something to prevent this? And more importantly, how do I reinstall the device? Is there some kind of reformatting that I can do to the device itself? I have unsuccessfully tried to reinstall and update the bluetooth driver on my laptop (I am using an Acer timeline 5810tz). I have also enabled bluetooth in services. Nothing I do, including a restart, has been able to make this dongle work again. I have tried plugging it into another computer, and I get the same response from windows (I am using Windows 7).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Did u pluged it aftr turning the lap on or at off?
  2. Aneesh@4GHz said:
    Did u pluged it aftr turning the lap on or at off?

    I pulled it out while the laptop was still plugged in and running.
  3. i have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!! please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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