Need a little help with my PII 1055t OC

I currently have my Phenom II X6 1055t overclocked to 3.5Ghz. Idle temps range from 25-30°C, temp at full load can get up to 60°C. That is 2° below what AMD says the chip can safely run, but I would like OC higher than 3.5, maybe around 3.8. So what can I modify to make that possible and stable?

Here is how I have things setup right now:
HT Ref Clock=249
HT Multiplier=8X
CPU Multiplier=14X
HyperTransport Link Speed=2000Mhz
PCIe Speed=100Mhz

NB VID=1.15V
NB Core=1.10V
SB Core=1.20V
NB PCIe=1.80V

Here is my system:

PII X6 1055t
Gigabyte GA 870A-UD3
Corsair 650w 80+
8 GB Corsair DDR3 @1600Mhz
NZXT Liquid Cooling
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  1. Your temps are already higher than most people are comfortable with. (The "norm" is 55C under full load)

    If you could get your temps down, you might benefit from a vcore voltage bump.

    What are you doing for cooling?
  2. It is liquid cooled, NZXT Liquid Cooler
  3. Odd. I wouldn't expect temps that high on liquid with your OC.

    My 1045t is running at 3.4 Ghz and 3.44v with a Cooler Master Hyper TX3, and it only hits 55C during 2 hours of prime95 blend.
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    @ryan5609--->make sure you don't have an air gap in your loop, make sure your pump is not cavitating or clogged, reapply the TIM, and reseat the water block on the CPU. Those temps are way to high for that LCS to have been installed properly....BTW...That 870 chipset is going to hinder your OC dramatically...To reach 3.8 GHz its gonna take some really good RAM due to the FSB being up so high the settings would look like this:

    Reference CLK : 272 MHz
    CPU : x14 = 3.8 GHz
    RAM: Base speed - 1066 MHz OC speed - 1450 MHz
    HT: 2176 MHz

    CPU VID=1.39V
    NB VID=-->1.20V
    NB Core=-->1.20V
    SB Core=1.20V
    NB PCIe=1.80V

    Also make sure to pay attention to the NB speed at 272 BCLK its up at least to 2720 MHz as most that I have seen are set with a x10 multiplier..
  5. Thanks for the tips. I am going to follow your advice concerning the LCS. It does seem to be the problem. The temps seem to be high regardless of settings, Got up to 67 playing BF3, so I had to remove the OC. It was installed by Cyber Power a few years back, so it would not surprise me if it was installed poorly (not a huge fan of CP). I will just make sure everything is running properly and apply a good thermal paste.

    Do you think Corsair Vengeance ram (1600 Mhz) will be able to support the 3.8 OC, if I can get the temps down?

    I will upgrade my mobo and processor in the next 1/2 year or so(switching to an Intel setup) but I just need something to get me by for the next couple of months, I am trying not to hinder my new GTX 580's performance too much. But until I get my new setup, that what I got to work with.

  6. I am not a big fan of the Vengeance series they will work fine if you have a good pair...My next build is going to be Intel as well...BTW...CyperPower Sux..overpriced junk
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  8. Did you disable Turbo?

    You could also disable 2 cores --- 4 cores sharing the L3 should push your video card quite nicely.
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