Is my PSU not supplying enough power?

My computer will randomly shut down and instantly restart when playing COD:MW2 after about 2 minutes of gameplay. Just put the system together and left everything in the BIOS on AUTO. I installed Drivers from the Disc provided in the Mobo box. I played Fallout 3 for about an hour with no problems but COD shuts down everytime. Is there a quick fix?
System Specs:
-OCZ GameXStream 1010w psu
-Asus P6T Motherboard
-Intel Core i7 920
-OCZ 6GB DDR3 PC3-12800 1600 MHz
-3x GTX 260 core 216 in tri-sli
-1 Optical Drive and Hard Drive
-NZXT Sentry Fan Controller

I've ruled out heat as an issue as i monitor my CPU/GPU temps through speedfan. Everything is running cool in my HAF 932 case w/ a cooler master hyper 212 plus cooler on the cpu.
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  1. When you turn on your computer go into BIOS and check the voltage readings. Pay particular attention to the +12 volt reading and the +5 volt reading. Please post the readings.

    A few issues showed up with those two voltages during technical reviews of the OCZ GameXStream 1010 watt power supply. Sometimes the voltage falls out of acceptable minimums.
  2. Cool. Thanks for the tip. Thats the first thing I'll check when i get home from work. What settings should i adjust in the bios to make things more stable?
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    No need to adjust anything yet. Just need to see if the psu is supplying the correct voltage on the rails. The +12 volt rail supplies power to the cpu, the video card(s), and some other components. It accounts for about 75% of the power delivered to the pc.
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  5. Well I fixed the problem. I sold the 260's and bought two 5870's.
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