HD5970, some facts

I just was informed that my old 4870x2 will be replaced with a new GPU after that i RMA it.
So i was thinking to choose the new ati HD5970.
So i have 2 questions:

-Will my cpu bottleneck it?
-Will it work much better than my old 4870x2 with my rigg?

Intel 2 duo e8400@ 4.05 Ghz (24/7)
Asus pq5 mobo
8 gig ram
750 W psu

PLS PLS dont tell my to buy anyother components, i really dont have money for it..
So i am begging you respectfully to just answer my questions.

(Sry for my english)
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  1. should be fine, maybe 30-40% improvement depending on the resolution
  2. I always play at 1920*1200.
    Will a new cpu quad 9550 do the improvement?
  3. there aren't that many games that can actually use all 4 cores, and I don't think you can overclock it as high, so I wouldn't bother...
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