Should i get tri-sli 9800gtx+ or sumtin else?

hey guys i currently have two 9800 gtx+ i was wondering if i should get another 9800gtx+ or just buy a whole new card thats very good. I think the increase from two to three is very small isnt it? thanks guys
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  1. Bscott1122, if you want people to help answer your question your going to have to at least list your full system specifications. Also the resolution at which you use your graphics at and the reason that you feel like you need to upgrade. I think that two gtx9800+'s in SLI would be pretty hard to beat without spending $500.00..
  2. Dont go with 3 cards dude! i personally dont recommend you to buy 2 cards

    it would cost you 430usd. for that money you can buy a 5870 or 5770crossfire
    either choice would beat gtx9800+ not to mention the dx11 advantage

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    he said that he already has 2 GTX's and wants to know if a 3rd GTX will be worth the money...

    The answer is no, reagardless of the res you will barely see a difference in frames. For 125.00 you are better off spending on something else your rig might need, like a faster hard drive, or better case etc... If nothing else is needed than save your money till Nvidia releases the 3xx series....
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