Bios does not recognize Sempron 140e

I just finished a budget build but when in thi bios It says AMD processor but does not recognize what type processor it is. The bios has been updated, the system runs fine and the motherboard is sempron friendly but does anyone know why it would not recognize the processor?
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  1. What motherboard? Is the Sempron 140e on the official cpu support list for that board? I know a number of AM2+ boards are starting to lack new BIOS updates for the latest AM3 processors. I have 2 that support the Phenom II series up to the 945 125W version, but don't support the newer 955/965, or the newer Athlon II X4/X3 series.
  2. It is an MSI K9N6PGM2-V motherbaord. The BIOS Recognizes it as an AMD but aside from that it says "unidentified." It also gives all the other data about the processor. I am not really worried about it becaust the sytem runs well and is quite fast. I have been reading that the Sempron 140E is actually an Athlon with one of the cores locked an wondered it that had anything to do with it. On my other computers the BIOS names the make and model number of the processor.
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