Asrock P4i65GV: memory and processor problem

Hello. I have a problem and hope you will all help me.

I have:

Asrock P4i65GV motherboard (latest BIOS)
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor supporting HT Technology 3.00E GHz, 1M Cache, 800 MHz FSB
2x PSD1G400 RAM
hard disk: 320 GB 7200 rpm SATA
420W power supply

The problem is, that my processor works at half speed, this shows Intel Processor Identification Utility (1.48 Ghz, expected is 3.00). It works slower than my previous Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz 533.

I think problem is in my memory, because no matter what I select or change in BIOS, Sisoftware sandra or Everest show, that my memory is working on 166 Mhz or 133 Mhz, but it should work at 200 Mhz!

Please help me! Thank you!
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  1. How have you configured the BIOS for this system? I also have a Asrock P4i65GV motherboard and it has a number of features to let you define the performance characteristics.

    If you press F2 when the system boots it will take you into the BIOS screens. Have a look at the 'Advanced' BIOS tab & CPU Configuration. Post the details back here.

    Andy W
  2. Hello. Thanks for reply. All the time until now I was using 2.8 Ghz P4 without HT. Now I put again troubling processor and the same problem. Here is my config:



    BIOS Version: P4i65GV BIOS P2.30
    Processor Type: Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00 Ghz
    Processor Speed 3011 Mhz
    Cache Size 1024 KB
    Microcode Update: 0F34/13

    Total Memory: 2048 MB
    Dual-Channel Memory Mode
    DIMM 1: 1024/200 Mhz (DDR400)
    DIMM 2: 1024/200 Mhz (DDR400)


    CPU Configuration
    CPU Host Frequency [Manual]
    Actual Frequency (Mhz) [200]
    Boot Failure Guard [Enabled]
    Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
    Ratio Status Locked
    Ratio Actual Value: 15
    CPU Thermal Throttling [Disabled]
    Hyper Threading Technology [Auto]
    Max CPUID Value Limit [Enabled]

    Chipset Configuration
    DRAM Frequency [200 Mhz (DDR 400)]
    Flexibility Option [Enabled]
    Configure DRAM Timing by SPD [Enabled]

    H/W Monitor
    CPU Temperature is changing fast between 53-61°C
    Vcore is changing fast between 1.032-1.290 V

    Windows experience score processor: 1,8

    Sisoft Sandra
    Aggregate Arithmetic Performance 3,7 GOPS
    Dhrystone ALU 3,15 GIPS
    Whetstone :SSE3 4,25 GFLOPS

    Peak processing performance 6 GFLOPS

    Intel Processor Identification Utility

    Expected Reported
    Speed 3.0 Ghz 1.50 Ghz
    System Bus 800 Mhz 400 Mhz
    L2 Cache Memory 1 MB



    Intel Pentium 4
    Socket 478 mPGA
    90 nm

    Intel(R) Pentium (R) CPU 3.00 Ghz
    F 3 4
    F 3 D0
    MMX, SSE (1, 2, 3)

    Clocks (Core #0)
    2995.0 Mhz
    x 15.0
    199.7 Mhz
    798.7 Mhz


    DDR Dual
    2048 MBytes

    199.7 Mhz
    3.0 clocks
    4 clocks
    4 clocks
    8 clocks

    Any recommendations what to do, that Intel Utility will show twice the values (the real expected values) of processor?

  3. The problem was solved with switching the motherboard for Asus P4C800 rev. 2.30 and now everything is working like it should!
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