I7-860 Game PC

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, maybe monitor, speakers, case , psu, Data HDD
PSU: OCZ Powerstream 600W
HDD Data: Samsung spinpoint F1 - 1TB

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: www.tones.be/www.pixmania.com



MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like a quiet PC

Mobo: Intel DP55WG Warrensburg
CPU: Intel i7 - 860
CPU COOLER: Scythe Katana
RAM: OCZ DDR3 4GB (2x2GB) 12800/1600 LFT Platinum Dual Channel Low Voltage 1,65V
Part-number: OCZ3P1600LV4GK
HDD for OS: SSD but don't know which one yet
HDD data: Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB
PSU: OCZ Powerstream 600W ADJ

Questions: Is this RAM adequate or rather OCZ XMP ram or another brand, cause i heard there are some problems with ocz???
Cooler good yes/no?
Which SSD should i buy best? I read that the speed lowers as it gets used?
Should i upgrade my monitor (viewsonic G90F+ Magicbright flatscreen) for gaming to a 21 or 22 inch?

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  1. Intel processors are great -- but Intel motherboards have been mediocre at best. You might want to check out some of the offerings by Gigabyte or ASUS, such as:

    Gigabyte P55-UD3R ($140)

    ASUS P7P55D LGA ($150)

    There are many people on this forum who have built systems with these manufacturers, and they can provide board specific help if you run into problems.
  2. The Intel board has 3 years warranty, i don't know about asus or gigabyte?
    But i will give it a look, thanks
  3. In which way the asus & gigabyte are better?
    They seem to have more overclocking headroom than the intel, but for stability, my local pc seller told me intel board + intel cpu are the best combo...
    I'm a bit confused right now...
  4. The Intel P55 motherboards are relatively new, and there are very few comments on Newegg about your Intel motherboard choice, so the verdict is still out on that particular board. However, take a look at the Newegg comments on the Intel P45 boards on Newegg. Those boards have been out for a long time and many people have had headaches with them. I am sure Intel stands behind their products, but it is no fun to have to pull a motherboard and RMA it back to the manufacturer.

    I am not saying the Gigabyte and ASUS P55 motherboards are better because they also have only been out for a relatively short period of time. What I said was that there are many more people on this forum who have built systems with Gigabyte and ASUS boards who can offer board specific help if you run into problems.

    I actually hope the Intel P55 motherboards turn out to be fabulous. Competition is good. By all means if you trust your local PC seller, and he has sold enough systems with the Intel DP55WG to know that this board is the best, I would say go for it. But please report back in a few months to let us know of your experience with this board. You will be doing the community a good service.
  5. Thank you, will report back my friend.
    Is that the mont-st-michel on your avatar?
    Been there three times this year!
    Lovely place & nice people! :sweat:
  6. Yes, that is Mont St. Michelle on my avatar. My wife and I, and our two kids went there to celebrate our 25th wedding aniversary. We actually stayed on the island and had a great time, especially after all the tourists left for the day. I just loaded this avator today because my first choice (me holding a stein of beer from the Hofbrauhaus) wouldn't upload for some reason.

    Good luck with your new PC build. The P55 platform is wonderful. I just completed a build using an i5-750 CPU and Gigabyte UD4P combo, and I am extremely pleased with the performance.
  7. I would recommend the Modxtreme over the Power, usually they are same price on Newegg but the Mod is modular.
  8. Hello, :hello: thanks for reply.
    The powerstream is already in my possession from my old pc, so maybe next time i will upgrade to modular PSU.

    I guess i will switch mobo for Asus P7P55D LE LGA 1156, regarding what Paul said
  9. Correction: Mobo wil be ASUS P7P55D, not LE version

    The Gigabyte is as good as the asus, it even sports an FDD connector! :o
    But the fans minimum speed is 60%, of the asus 20% (minimum load)!
    This means the Gigabyte mobo will make more noise in combination with case fans.
    The turbo mode when idling is 24x compared to asus 21x
  10. Now for the monitor: what size should i go for?
    I now have a trusted crt 19" flat screen for gaming, mostly at 1024*768 or 1280*1024, like the desktop resolution.
    I'm kinda doubting if i should buy an lcd. Which one would be best?
    If i go for 22", the hardware (video card) must be able to run all the games at the native resolution (for best results) of 1900*1020, i doubt that will happen for two years from now
    I will be ending up gaming at 1024*768 again because the video card isn't fast enough... :cry:
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