22 inch lcd OR 42 inch tv?

Im thinking about either a 22 inch monitor or a 42 inch lcd Tv
witch ones would be the best and would the tv have any pros or cons against the monitor
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  1. TV cons If you want to see all of it you have to sit far away. I have a 32 inch that is as big as I would go on a monitor/TV I actually keep it about 1 1/2 foot further away than my old 22" monitor.
  2. I have bother, i prefer the 22 inch. Maybe a 32 inch tv would be a nice mix.
  3. TVs and monitors are about the same these days, however, if we're talking just computer specific use, negating the fact that you may or may not need an actual TV for watching TV, I'd get a 30" monitor (Apple Cinema or otherwise) and run it at 2560x1600.
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