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i have a old microsoft zune 80gig,I took it apart and I lost some parts..anyways all I kept was I went online got a HD zif case and hooked it my pc is does not recognized it ..all i am doing is trying to get the music off,,i am running win xp..thanks
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    If it is an old drive, it is probably an IDE (or PATA) drive. If it is the only drive in the case the jumper must be set to 'Master'.

    Another way to recover your music files would be to install this drive in the computer by connecting it to the IDE ribbon cable and then recover your music files. Again pay attention to the jumper position - Cable Select (CS) will work usually.
    this is what I got today, plus the Zune HD..I took my time connecting it and I have a green lite..but my pc says it cant find anything..i dont know?
    this is the hard drive that I have from the Zune, if that helps..I dont know if its a setting on my pc..i just dont know..
  4. Here is a review from the link you posted:

    By srgstm - See all my reviews
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: USB Aluminum Enclosure Case for 1.8-inch 1.8" ZIF LIF (iPod) Hard Drive Enclosure Case for Toshiba Hitachi Seagate Samsung Drives with ZIF-40 Connector (Electronics)
    I initially gave this product a negative review because I was unable to make it work with my 40GB ZIF HDD (model HTC368040H5CE00). However the problem turned up to be a faulty USB cable (I am not sure whether it was the cable that came with the enclosure or one of a hundred cables I collected over my life. Probably it was some old cable). The enclusure works as advertised. The ribbon should be connected with plastic sides facing the levers on the ZIF connectors. The ZIF connector on the Hitachi HDD has a very thin opening so you should use some force to insert the ribbon. You can also buy a special ribbon with one side thinner than the other (the thin side usually colored white, while thick side is blue), or grind off some plastic from the ribbon on one side.

    Check all the cables and all the connections.
  5. the strip cable is a little weird looking..were do i find a replacement cable and whats the name??
  6. freeand34 said:
    the strip cable is a little weird looking..were do i find a replacement cable and whats the name??

    If the cable is part of the enclosure, you need to contact the enclosure manufacturer. For all other generic cables try Newegg or 'Cables to go'
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