How much power needed for a nvidia gtx 275 card?

I am wondering if my Antec ES-650 will power an Nvidia GTX 275 card.

It says it has two 22A 12v rails, and one 25A 12v rail.

When I looks at the specs of different cards is talks in Watts only.
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  1. watts = amps x volts

    watts / 12v = amps
  2. A GTX275 about 15 to 18 amps. Your Antec PSU can easily power a single card.
  3. It will easily power your rig.
    Even a high quality 550W Will power your rig.
  4. The GTX 275 will typically consume about 140w under gaming load.


    If you were to run FurMark to stress test the GTX 275, then expect higher power consumption. Maybe another 40w.
  5. I wonder if its that low!

    tomshardware says 251 watts on load.,2266-14.html

    and techreport says 343 watts on load.

    Whatever it is, your Antec PSU will hold good for GTX275. No problems.
  6. ^^^

    Those power consumption is for the entire test system. Xbitlabs' is only for the video card itself which is stated in the review.
  7. Ok! Thanks for the info!
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