The used missing space of drive c

the c drive shows that i have used 9.77 gb but i gather all the data presnt in c drive includding hidden data its 4.45 gb where is the missing spave i have cleaned it ,system restore is cleaned also,i have also check through windirstat software but it also shows that drive c has 4.45 gb space used so where the hell is my missing space that drive c is showing in the pie chart?
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  1. if you dont have access to view folders contence the it will course this
    corupted downloads can aswell eg DVD download as a curupted zip/video file that file system cant read but still has a size on the disk
    hidden files as well if you are useing the select all on the drive way to get total size make shore that hiden files and folders are shown (might be wrong about that but best to beshore).

    can you remember when you lost the space?

    give ccleaner a go
  2. well the space was lost after when i installed windows xp service pack 3 and before that i did formatted the drive c but after installation when i looked for how much space has been used it was showing more then it has occupaied.
  3. paging file that is where i will put my mony for the moment
    3GBor more of ram would need a Paging file that size and it would not show up as part of the file system
    if you note the settings down you could turn it off restart the pc and see if you get the space back BUT remember to turn it back on as set to the setting you noted down.
  4. Turning off hibernation will delete your hiberfil.sys which is usually the size of the amount of physical ram in your system.
  5. well thanx alot for your helping replies mrfatbox and Hawkeye22 the problem has been solved now i reinstalled the windows again and formatted C drive and got back the missing space and i will keep your suggestions in mind again thank you have a good day :)
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