Crash when running 3d apps

What just started happening is when I try to run something 3d, I see it run for a second, then these light red lines appear on my screen. The computer is stuck, but I can move my mouse around. I've gone through this several times but recently, the computer refuses to detect my video drivers. It simply says that "the NVAPI reported no attached nvidia displays in the system". I fear it could be my graphics card failing, or my PSU dying. My system is
AMD X2 4200
Nvidia 7600GT
2 GB ram
Windows XP SP2.

The drivers are also detecting my 7600gt as a 7650GS if that helps.
I have tried to reinstall drivers before they couldn't be detected. Haven't tried right now.
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  1. Do you know the temps of your graphics card?
    What's your power supply?

    What I think is happening is that when your card is going into a higher-power mode (3D), it crashes, because either:

    1- It can't handle the load (dying)
    2- Your PSU can't supply enough power (40watts? lol).
    3- It's overheating.
  2. Its not overheating. The powersupply really sucks (350watt cheapo), but I've been using it a while. Therefore, my graphics card might be dying :(
  3. Might you have a friend's computer you can try it out on? Also, update to WinXpSP3.
  4. No, I don't have any friends to try it on. I'll try updating
  5. The first thing I would try is upgrading to a better PSU.

    If you do not plan on upgrading your system, get one of these:
    Corsair 400CX:

    If you do plan on upgrading, get one of these:
    Corsair 550VX
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