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I built this computer for use as a Home Theatre personal Computer or HTPC as acronym & Also For Gaming

CPU ( Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 Runs at stock speed Not Over clocked )
Ram ( Generic value Kingston ram DDR2 800Mhz 5-5-5-15 8Gb )
Operating System ( Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit )
GPU ( MSI Radeon 4850 2D-1G-OC )
Monitor ( Asus VH196T )
Mobo ( ASUS P5QL Pro )

This is the problem I'm copying DVD's on to the hard drive I'm not downloading them
this gives me full video quality and some are blue ray copied to the hard drive
now some of these are Wide screen some are full screen but I got A wide screen monitor and I am wondering how to fit the wide screen movie to the hole monitor without the top & bottom black lines.
It was my under standing that with a widescreen TV or monitor you could do this but when I use the setting in Win Media player or Power DVD or any other Player that plays DVD or Blue Rays it stretches the wide screen image partially off screen so is there a way to counter this thanks for your time.
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  1. The problem is there are many wide screen movie formats. HDTVs are 16:9 (1.78:1) aspect ratio. Very popular wide screen aspect ratios include, but are not limited to 2.35:1 and 2.4:1. Therefore, unless you are watching a 16:9 aspect ratio movie, you will always have black bars.

    With regards to "stretching off the screen" on your PC monitor, make sure whatever you are using to play back the movie, the Aspect Ratio option is set to "Maintain Aspect Ratio" or something similar. If it is set to Digital Zoom or Pan & Scan, then you will have parts of the movie fall off the screen.
  2. Thanks for your information can you suggest a windows 7 compatible media player that will stretch the video to fit the screen but maintain the aspect ratio of the film the media player that I use to watch ripped DVD's is Power DVD 7 that came with my Bluray player and it uses the hardware acceleration on my ATi card and like you said it uses Pan \ scan & zoom functions so no matter what type of setting I use to stretch the video it wont maintain the aspect ratio and the video partly goes off screen and the stretch function doesn't make the video go off screen but it also doesn't conform the picture to fit the monitor in other words the stretch function on Power DVD sucks.
    So I would like to know of any media player that will stretch the wide screen videos to fit the hole picture to the screen & maintain the aspect ratio and this program needs to be %100 DxVA Version 2 compatible so if anyone knows of a Media player that that complies to my needs & will work on windows 7 64bit I would appreciate Knowing the name of this program but I have been unable to find one that meets my specification. thank for your help.
  3. I basically use Media Player Classic - Home Cinema; also called MPC-HC.

    It's free and you can Google for it. I have Win XP though.

    VideoLan Client (VLC) is something else you can Google as well.

    I think there were some issues with Power DVD 7 and Vista/Win 7 so you might want to read some reviews regarding Power DVD 9 (the latest & greatest).
  4. This has Media player classic and works fine on W7 & Vista.
  5. Your monitor's native resolution is 1440x900@32bit. That is below the resolution of a 1080P for Blue Ray. That will suffice for DVD resolution of 480P/I.

    Asus VH196T


    Below is a path for display resolution information:


    You need an LCD that support native 1080P or higher to fix your problem. Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Power-DVD will play your material as long your Monitor can support it.

    Copyright protected material such as Blue Ray-Disc based movies will require HDCP compliant hardware/software to play. Your video card will support it. I'm not sure what version of PowerDVD you have. Normally Blue-ray ROM-DRIVE comes up HDCP compliant PowerDCD.

    Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player are non-HDCP compliant software.
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