Kernel_data_inpage_error - FDC.sys

I get this BSOD when shutting down but only after rendering a video with Nero or Video Studio. Can now recreate it. I can render videos hour after hour but only have this when I shut windows down and at the end of the shutdown. PC runs fine most of the time.
I built the pc in Feb and had this problem since then but thought it went away since I hadn't done any video rendering since.

System doesn't create a minidump or full dump. Tried them both.

Any ideas?

stop: 0x0000007a (0xc05d1cc0,0xc00000a3, 0xba398000, 0x933ec8c0)
fdc.sys - address ba398000 base at ba398000, datestamp 00000000

Corsair XMS3 PC1333 memory (2) 4g
AMD Athlon X3 455 3300mhz triple core
Thermaltake 650W power supply
Western Digital Caviar® Green™ 1TB SATA HD
Western Digital 160 GB Caviar Blue SATA HD

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  1. if it only happens after running that program, it may be a bug in the program or a memory leak.
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