E6700 vs e7200 on th via p890 chipset?

ok ibought via p890 chipset mobo about 2 years ago, and i had e2200 on it and word fine, but last year i upgarsded cpu to e7200 without knowing the mobo not supporting such cpu, forunately the computer works fine with e7200 with decreased its fumction. should i sell E7200 and get e6700 for mobo's potential(it is the best cpu the mobo can support correctly), or i keep the cpu and upgade the motherboard(i hate to do it I have tons of program/apps to reinstall).. answers are very appriciated..!!!???
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  1. sorry it sounds rude when i posted on this, and a lot of typos..what should i actually do now? please
  2. What do you mean decreased its function? What mobo do you have and how do you know it is/isn't compatible?

    If the CPU works fine with the E7200, then it should be a compatible mobo.

    You need to give us more info.
  3. the mobo is ecs via p890t chipset only supports upto e6700, when i install e7200 boot says the board does not support 266mhz multiplier cpu and it is going to decrease clock speed and performance...so i am in the middle of deciding either i get e6700 or e7200 but i have 40 of programs install in the hard drive and probably i need to reinstall everything
  4. Hmmm = have you checked (googled) to see if there are any BIOS updates for your mobo? If the socket type is the same then it should work fine with the processor......
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