Q6600 overclock worries

So ive recently decided that my old 1280x1024 monitor needs replacing, as a result signs of dying and that i want to play games at higher resolutions (1920x1080 or 1680x1050). I have decided with this that it is also a good idea to begin an overhaul of my PC, however i cannot afford to do this all at once. My current setup is:

Mobo: Gigabyte P41T-D3
PSU: Raidmax 500W (Bad i know :) )
CPU: Q6600@2.4Ghz (Stock cooling, G0 version)
Graphics: PNY 9800GT
RAM: 4Gb DDR3 1333Mhz

I am looking to initially upgrade the Graphics to a 560Ti (Any other ideas for an upgrade are welcome) and subsequently the PSU to a good brand 650W or 750W for futureproofing purposes. However with the CPU at stock speeds I assume this will be bottlenecking the 560Ti quite significantly. Therefore, due to not being able to afford a new mobo/CPU in the near future, I feel that i should OC the Q6600 at least a bit to try and compensate for this.

I have already decided that I will buy a new heatsink if this is the case, perhaps the following or somthing better:

My main queries are:
1. Will an OC to 2.8Ghz-3.0Ghz actually have any effect on what the graphics card will be capable of?
2. Is that sort of OC possible with my mobo, knowing that i picked it up quite cheaply?

Thanks for reading the longish post and thanks for any replies in advance :)

Edit: I am a very inexperienced OCer :)
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  1. if you are being bottlenecked by the cpu, then yes... every mhz will make a proportional difference. 3ghz would be a pretty modest overclock, you might be able to pull it off on stock cooling. a cheap mobo doesnt help, but 3ghz doesnt sound too hard.
  2. Most Q6600 G0 stepping chips will do about 2.8ghz without even a voltage bump, so 3.0 is cake, most of the time.

    Provided your mobo is capable, which it should be, 3.2ghz is quit expect-able as well with a decent aftermarket cooler much like the one you linked :)

    Post back here if you want any help with the overclock when your ready.
  3. Ok thanks for the advise both of you :) . It will be some time before i attempt the OC as i wont be ordering the new parts for another month or so. Ive been reading through:
    And will hopefully report news at a later date of my successful OC :D
  4. I have just realised something else that i have to consider before performing the OC. The processor is already 4 years old and has had quite a lot of use (no OCing though). I wish to use this processor well into 2013 and perhaps beyond. Will a mild 2.8-3.0ghz OC effect the lifespan significantly?
  5. Will it reduce the lifespan? Yeah, technically it will, but not by any appreciable amount. So long as you stay within the safe operating voltages/temps set by Intel for the Q6600 you can expect a very long life for that processor.

    Max safe voltage is 1.5v, which is a *** ton. You don't want to use a voltage that high unless you have it under some serious cooling. But that's the max safe voltage provided temps don't go out of spec.

    Max safe temp for the Q6600 is 71c Tcase and approx. 76c Tjunction (Cores)

    Either way with the overclock you plan on you'll be well under both the temperatures and voltages described.

    Looking back at some old documentation i had of my Q6600 i had it at 1.38125v in the BIOS, this was running at 3.2ghz with 8x multiplier. Since i was running a 680i board with massive voltage dipping under load i had to have the voltage that high. Under load it'd sit right around 1.312v if i remember correctly.

    That should give you a rough idea of what it'll take to get your cpu overclocked. A mild 2.8-3.0ghz overclock shouldn't take much at all, way less then i needed for 3.2ghz. After 3.0ghz the voltage requirement to stay stable goes up rather fast. With that in mind, many users got their Q6600 to 3.6ghz as well. So it'll just have to be something to try, just make small adjustments, little by little.
  6. the caps on your motherboard will burst long before the cpu dies
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