UDx --- rampage xxx boards

got a few questions. (was going to take the top ud and top rampage and choose one for my needs)

i was compairing the ud3r --- ud5 and ud7 boards and saw that they where identicle acept that the 5 and 7 had dual lan and the 3r does not, other than that all the stats from new egg where exactly the same ports plugs and everything.

am i missing somthing that should show the price differences or somthing? are they build different?

then i was compairing the rampage ii and iii ---
the rampage iii has sata 6gb/s and the ii does not,

the ii has 6 usb 2.0 and does not have 3.0 bummer i did notice however the iii has 6 3.0 and no 2.0 does that mean all standard 2.0 will fit? if so awsome y put in what you dont need.

the iii does not have pata or ps/2 or ieee 1394 or S/PDIF out,well dosnt list them so im guessing it dosnt have them. if it does not have them are they even needed or is it old tech (im not sure what is is or was).

are those the only differences?
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