Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P

I currently have a GA-MA770T-UD3P (rev. 1.0) motherboard with:
AMD Sempron 140 am3 cpu
ATI Radeon 2900 xt graphics
Nanya ddr3 1066 ram nt1gc72b89a0nf-be (x2)
HEC 585 watt power supply to run it all-

The problem is once everything is all hooked up and started, I get no picture on the monitor. It won't post at all. I'm wondering if it's the ram or the pcie 16x slot on the board? Any ideas would be great
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  1. do you get the single beep from the mb speaker as it POSTs?

    ave you worked through the trouble shooting check list pinned to the top of this mb ?
  2. I do not get any beeps from the speaker-the manual says it would only beep if something was wrong I believe. As for troubleshooting, I have gone through many guides on troubleshooting and nothing still.
  3. I'm having the same problem with my new ud3p as well. However my specs are:
    4gb(2x2gb) patriot sector5 ddr3 1333
    phenom II 550be
    and a corsair hx750 psu
    Not sure what the cause is.
  4. yeah...not exactly sure why it won't post-everything seems run on the motherboard, gets warm, but just no picture
  5. Have you tested the power supply? If you don't have a tester I would suggest getting the Antec Digital Power Supply Tester. I have one and I love how it does not just say good or bad but it also gives you the exact output voltage that you are getting. You can pick one up at your local Best Buy. I did some searching online and could not find it for any less then that but when I searched from "Power Tester" on eBay it came up with some other brands that looked like they did the same digital output display as the Antec one.

    As for if it the power supply is not the problem. I would suggest pulling out everything except the CPU and it's heat sink/fan and see if it gives you a beep code for not having RAM. Then if it does put one stick of RAM back in. You should also see if you can dig up an older video card. Even if it is regular PCI. About the only other thing I can see is if it stays powered up but does nothing you should look into getting a PCI post card and see if that tells you anything.
  6. I have tested the power supply, and i appreciate the ram suggestion. I forgot to do that-I tried no ram but there is no beeping sound at all. maybe that indicates an issue with the board? The only other thing that stands out is on the Ati Radeon 2900xt graphics card, on top of the card a little red light flashed twice, quickly though. I have searched this up as it may indicate the problem (whether it be something like the ram), but have not found much. I did try a couple of PCI video cards, and still got nothing- this leads me to think it has to do with the board.
  7. Ya, I had that kind of problem with a Biostar motherboard and when I switched it out for a different motherboard the problem went away.
  8. Well, If that's the case then i guess i'll have to go out and get a different board-If you have any suggestions based on my specs, feel free to say.
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    You don't have to get a different model. How it worked for me was I got the Biostar board and a Phenom 9850. But it turned out the CPU did not work with that motherboard because it needed to much power then the board could supply. Correct socket, not enough watts. So then I got a Phenom 9750 that was the correct watts and then I ran into that problem. So then I got the Gigabyte board and that finally got me up and running hardware wise. So you should be able to just RMA it if it's still under warranty and get it fixed or replaced.
  10. Sounds good-let me see if I can RMA it.
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