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Hey all,
Had my Asus P5E mobo for a little over a year now and all of a sudden, my onboard NIC seems to have died as well as the onboard sound. Windows XP can't find any Audio hardware and tech support at Time Warner is telling me that somehow my onboard NIC is not communicating. My box runs through my Linksys router and everything else can connect to the net but my box. Heard someone say something about it being a common problem with Asus motherboards but I'm not sure what problem they are talking about. If my mobo was bad, how am I still being able to fire up the PC. I can still work on the PC, I just have no internet connection and no sound. Any advice, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome BigRo1906,

    It is indeed possible to have independent circuits fail on your motherboard and still be able to turn on the motherboard; in fact, you're likely experiencing that now.
    Fortunately, the two on board devices are not crucial to powering up. Whether the problem is 'common' in ASUS is beyond me, but I have had my share of difficulties with that brand.

    To fix your problems, you could buy and install add-on PCI cards; one for LAN, and one for Audio/Sound. Alternatively, if the warranty hasn't expired, you could seek an RMA from Asus.
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  3. Thanks for the info...I'll try another nic and sc and see if that helps.
  4. Also, was there any sudden reboot on system, check BIOS to ensure both are enabled (I had mine disable somehow on my old board). If so then replace with add on cards. Just to be safe.
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