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So my setup works fine until I try to do anything related to the graphics card. When I start a game, watch a movie, use webcam, etc. my screen turns into a weird pattern design but the sound or whatever is going on in the background continues to work. I thought it was a driver issue so I updated to the latest drivers and now it boots into windows 7 and halfway through the loading screen flashes and displays the a weird pattern but I can hear all my apps starting up in the background. I'm pretty sure its the graphics card because the only thing that is affected is the output.

Can anyone give me a hand?
Core 2 Duo E6600
XFX 7900 gt
3 Gigs Ram
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
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  1. take your card out and clean all the connections w/ canned air. Make sure the PCIe slot is clear.
    If this does not help... and you have the correct amount of power going to the card, then i'm sorry to say that your card is dead.

    The good news, is that you can get a really goot 200 series card thats relatively cheap
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