Need help to find good m-atx mobo

at some point in a month or so, this little goodie comes out: NZXT Vulcan
Since it requires m-atx, i was wondering if anyone knows a really good one.
So far i have a Asus Maximus III GENE in the mind, but was wondering if there was other good ones, perhaps even with USB 3 while still being good for OC'ing.
Afaik there's some with the H55 chipset, but those aren't very interesting as it is going to be used with the i5-750. SLI/Cfire aren't required.
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  1. I just got a frys combo with the biostar TH55B HD and it runs excellent. Has an easy overclocking feature in the bios to save settings; power saving program and hardware monitor program. It is only $89.99 at frys, but cost me around $10 after rebate with the i3 530 combo deal.
  2. You are right. The ASUS MAXIMUS III GENE is the best that you can get. Don't change your mind. It's a excellent choice.
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