Asus P5N-D running very hot.

Over the past two weeks in WoW, during raid i would get a significant fps loss during certain fights. I posted on their forums hoping it was just a graphical error or something easy to fix. They told me to check a few things and overheating was one of them. I downloaded speedfan and/or another temp testing program (on laptop, forget the name.) I'm running intel core 2 duo and both cores are running at 75~ degrees C idle. During intensive CPU they are running at about 85-95 degrees while the CPU is running over 110. I've seen many posts about people idling at 35 degrees and that told me something was very wrong. I'm also running with an Apollo NZXT case ( I've got the case fan on the plexiglass running, the fan on the processor going, the fan on the northbridge heatsink on, and the fan in the back of the case going. I've sprayed it down numerous times to get all the dust out to prevent the fans from running slow and it seems as if they are running full speed. Here is a picture of the temps while idling ( I've considered replacing the northbridge heatsink with a new one (, but I'm not entirely computer friendly and I don't want to break anything. I'm also not too keen on overclocking as i have no idea how to do it, i've never messed with stuff like that before. If i left anything out, feel free to ask. Any responses will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Bump, plenty of views, no responses. Anything is helpful!
  2. What are your current MB temps, trying to determine if this is directly related to the CPU or too much heat inside the case. Check the MB temp with the ASUS Probe II or the Hardware monitor in the bios. What thermal paste are you using and how did you apply it? Give us the ambient around the case as well. As for the optional chipset fan, it is recommended for use with liquid and passive cooling only. The chipset fan does work well with some air coolers but conflicts with others. Test with and without the chipset fan to see which way works best.
  3. I suggest if you are currently using the stock intel cooler replace it with a quality cooler of your choice. Also the NB cooler is crap but you also have another issue, there is more than just the NB under that cooler. Try the N200 bridge chip. Just get a high flow fan for the NB. I got a 780i and they often have similar issues but only worse. Also get better compound and repaste the NB cooler.
  4. the problem is not only the cooler , the problem is the computer case !

    My config :

    Q6600 2.4 quad
    4gb ddr2 800mhz
    2xasus 9600gt 512mb
    asus p5n-d
    raptor 76gb 10k rpm
    cooler master GX 750 sli ready

    my old case was thermaltake xaser 5000 series whit open case mb temp 45 and cpu temp 45 idle temp
    now i have cooler master haf 932 mb tempp 38 cpu 38 idle temp

    the haf 932 is perfect for the p5n-d (hot motherboard ) lol
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