Problems with ping in most online games

Greetings to all Tom's hardware users,

I am writing to ask you for a piece of advice on my recent problem.
First of all, i would like to mention that I've had my ISP changed recently and since that i have been having these ping problems.
My router hardware is Zyxel P-600
Here are my speed test results:
These results are slightly inaccurate because usually my upload speed is not higher than 0.20 mb/s.
My previous isp speed was 2.0 mb/s download and 2.0 mb/s upload.
I am wondering if the reason of my issues is my upload speed or it is because i have some needed ports for games closed.

Really looking forward for your help.
Thanks, Alex.
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  1. If a ping to your ISP is 82ms, then you need to contact them to have the issue resolved. If it's to a server somewhere else, then ping times are affected by the ISP's backbone provider, peering points, link speeds, etc.
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