Coolermaster R4s with the H100

Hey everyone,

I currently am using an H100 with the stock fans and ordered the CM 120mm R4s Blue LED's for the push/pull config. I only bought two because I have been reading around about the compatibility issue with the R4s and the H100. So I would be having to plug the R4s directly into the motherboard, as I do not have a fan controller. So they would constantly be at 2000RPM where my stock Corsair 120mm fans would be changing depending on the CPU temp as needed. Is this a problem?

Would you all suggest getting a fan controller for the R4s? If you think that a fan controller would make it work then I would just get 2 additional R4s and control them manually with the fan controller and just use all four R4s for the push/pull config.

Or should I be looking into getting four brand new fans that just work with the actual corsair h100 controller? If so, what fans should I get? (I am aiming for blue LED fans)

Thanks so much!
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  1. Those should plug right into your corsair h100 controller. If not, you can always use the NZXT Sentrey 2!
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    If your Corsair fans are two pin then they use a voltage regulator (resistor) to change speed. If they are 3 pin and state that they are PWM fans then they use pulse width modulation to control the speed. resistor controls are analog, while PWM is a digital control.

    Both sorts of fans can be connected to your mobo depending on your mobo's fan headers. You should have some sort of software interface to regulate your fans.

    The H100 (& H80) use a temperature sensitive controler that automatically switched pump and fan speed with different configurations. You can set the pump/fan controller for quiet running or gaming by resetting the pump/fan controller directly (you need to access the pump within your case to reset this).

    I cannot tell from the specs given by Corsair about the fan regulation, so I assume that it is analog. If it is analog then any fans with compatible fins can be controlled by the Corsair fan controller (except PWM fans).

    The Antec 920 specs use PWM fans and any replacement should use PWM fans, however Corsair does not provide comparable techincal info.

    Running your fans at 100% will not hurt the fans, but it will be louder than if you can regulate thm.
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