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Hey, I am new to this forum and am looking for some serious help with my PC :(. I am relatively inexperienced in this field. The other day I decided to try and get my desktop running again as it had been plagued with viruses and other things, so I installed XP on it because it was the only OS disc I had. Anyways I ran dban and cleared the harddrive prior to installing windows, and everything worked fine, I reinstalled all drivers until I started playing Diablo 3 and it will randomly give me BSODs after a few minutes of the game running but other times it will play for hours without any. The errors are usually different each time they are Page_fault_on_nonpaged_area, IRQL_not_less_or_equal, Bad_pool_header the page fault also says something about nv4_disp_dll. I don't have the stop codes I will write them down next time it happens which will probably be 5 mins from now. I have a Nvidia graphics card I don't know if the drivers could cause these problems but any things I can do to try and fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Corey
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  1. Well as soon as I rebooted it I went to play the game again and it had a different error this time Bad_pool_caller with stop codes 0x000000c2, 0x00000007, 0x00000cd4, 0x00000000, 0xe1581ad0. Also the BSOD will stay on the screen until I manually shut off the computer and when I go to reboot it hangs on the gateway start screen every time I have to restart it at least 3-5 times for it to boot up
  2. Do you have all the minimum requirements to play the game?

    If you got the nv4_disp_dll, then yes, it is related to your graphic card.
    I don't know what Nvidia series U have , but it may be not good enough for the game, or it could be a driver issue.
    U should try first (if U can) check game folder for an *.exe that alows you to change game settings, or an *.ini file, or more simple, from the game menu, and change to the lowest setings U can. See if U still get the blue error screen.
    Update your n-vidia drivers, or try a different driver version then the one U have.

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