Anyone used AsRock 939Dual with AM2CPU?


This topic involves mother boards and CPUs so I wasn't quite sure where to place it but here goes:

I have come across an AsRock 939Dual-VSTA mobo that has a slot labelled "Future CPU". The idea is that you can buy a daughterboard (AM2CPU) and upgrade the mobo to a AM2 Socket. I was wondering if anyone has tried this or gotten it working?

The list of compatible CPUs is located at and states that I could upgrade the current 939-based mobo to utilize some of the Athlon 64 FX, 64 X2, Opteron or Sempron processors that utilize the AM2 connector.

If it actually works would it be worth $100 to go from a Athlon 3200 with DDR 400 to any of these alternative CPUs with DDR 800?

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  1. The daughter board only supports the cpu as far as I am aware so there is no option for ddr2 800 memory. You will still be limited on the am2 cpu based on the boards bios support for such processors so check how high a processor it can utilize. Then there's the question if the daughter board is still availble and how much it costs.
    Don't know what the $100 figure you provide is for as you haven't specified what you get for that.
    For less than $200 though you can get a new AM3 board, processor and ram which will outperform anything you can do with that 939dual and move you into the 21st Century.
    The only way I'd consider it is if you can get the daughter board and say a Kuma level am2 cpu for around $50.
  2. Yep, I came to the same conclusion and have gone a different route - thanks for all the help
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