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I have a USB 2.5" Transcend 250GB, running on Windows 7, After message "your drive needs to be Formated" i rewrote the boot sector with TestDisk 6.12, boot sector was now fine but some folders were still corrupted, i tried retrieving data, but testdisk was unable to access the contents of those folders. Then i used HDD Regenerator to repair bad sectors... in the process (at about 27%) an error poped up.. after that, the hdd doesn't detect anywhere in windows or with any apps.. What to do? plz help
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  1. Your hard drive sounds stuffed.

    Bad sectors are like cancer for a HDD, more than likley they will spread (or more will appear) until the drive us unusable (what you have now)
  2. The thing is i only want 1 folder from the drive, is there any alternative for accessing the drive?
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