What graphics cards should i get for decent gaming?

hi, I am currently using a 4670 to play all of my games: Batman arkham asylum, both crysis', Need for speed shift, Call of duty modern warfare 2. I currently have a generic psu but am going to upgrade to an ultra lsp model but i noticed they only have 2x 6pin, if i buy an adapter for 6-8 will it cause any problem like a molex to 6pin would? Also i wanted to know what graphics card would be best for me i currently play almost all of those games on high settings batman i can max crysis i put on high (not ultra) lower resolution 1280 X 800 and need for speed on medium because it runs horrible somehow. so for my resolution of 1400 X 900 native what graphics card would be suffice to run most games at max? im looking at 4870 or 4890 but i dont exactly want to spend the extra $50 for what i would tihnk of maybe 5fps more at my resolution. i would liked to be able to max all of those games except crysis since i know most cards cant. Thank you for your help

My computer
amd 64 X2 5200 2.7
2gb of ram
windows 7 64bit
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  1. Adapters for 6-8 pins should be ok if your PSU has enough juice.

    Get the 4870, it should do fine. I have one and can play Crysis at Very High w/ at AAx2 at 1280x1024

    Or you can shell out $170 for an equally performing dx11 card 5770, or the same amount for a 15-20% better dx10.1 4890
  2. Bluescreendeath said:
    Adapters for 6-8 pins should be ok if your PSU has enough juice.

    Get the 4870, it should do fine. I have one and can play Crysis at Very High w/ at AAx2 at 1280x1024

    Or you can shell out $170 for an equally performing dx11 card 5770, or the same amount for a 15-20% better dx10.1 4890

    where do you find these deals? i personally only use newegg and tigerdirect because i feel return policy is better and i trust them as they are more know but all the 4890's i find are around 200+. im actually considering the 5770 because ive read that dx 11 when used it games will not only have better graphics but will also not be as power hungry because of tessalation or something that made graphics look just as good without using as much resources. so i would prefer being a bit more future proof if that is true
  3. is it a good idea to instead way until early january hoping that the gt300 comes out at the $600-700 range and assume that instantly ati would drop their price on 5970 by like 100 which would more than likely force the price of their other cards to drop down a fair amount.
  4. Get the HD 5770 if power consumption is a concern since it consumes less than the HD 48xx series.


    Don't bet on the release of nVidia's new cards to have much impact on AMD's video cards. TSMC manufactures 40nm GPUs for both companies, and it has serious production issues (less than 42% yields) which is causing the HD 5xxx series to sell for higher than intended prices.
  5. Check out


    which lists best deals according to budget.

    Since you listed the 4870....my assumption is you will be in the $150-$200 range. At $155, the above gives tie for 1st place to:

    ATI 4870 (DX10)
    nVidia 260 (DX10)
    ATI 5770 (DX11)

    I'd lean to the 5770 if you don't upgrade graphics cards very often....say if you think you won't upgrade till after XMas 2011, the DX11 may be the better choice because of it's DX11 compatibility. No one knows if DX11 will be a factor at this time,... DX10 was a complete dud but we're all hoping that DX11 beings something to the table.....only time will tell. Going for DX11 now future proofs you a bit come 2012 if DX11 does in fact deliver something to be excited about.

    On the other hand, since you listed Batman, as they put it in this article, PhysX is a feature certainly worth considering:


    "Turning on PhysX isn't necessary for gameplay, and you'll never miss it if you don't see the effects. However, when PhysX is enabled, it adds superlative nuances and really creates some “wow” moments. The chunky explosions, cloth effects, paper, fog, and environmental detail enhancements are very cool.....the eye candy is a lot of fun to watch. Once you've turned it on, it's not something you'll turn off if your hardware can handle it."

    The 260 has more than enough juice to handle your resolution w/ PhysX. At 1920 x 1080 tho, you'd either need something w/ more juice or a 2nd card like an 8800 / 9800 ($75-100) dedicated to handling Physx.
  6. i dont have an sli mother board and im happy with my screen resolution so i dont see a monitor upgrade any time soon. i was kinda of hoping basically to play games like starcraft and the new diablo at max or near max. and i also trying to save as much money as possible. Also i want a card that is somewhat future proof lets say december 2011? i consider my resolution 1400 X 900 low so would the 5770 hold up playing future games? Also do you tihnk direct x will actually be worth the extra money? of course if direct x 11 tesselation is really good does that mean a decent dx 11 card 5770 will end up having a much better frame rate than dx 10.1, Also i like Ati never had a problem, and Nvdia price/performance for me has been bad.
  7. is 5750 or 5770 godd/ future proof for about 2 years?
  8. I think the 5770 is at least good enough for 2 years.
  9. 5770 or GTX 260
  10. Yeah an HD5770 should be great for that resolution for a while. You'll end up needing to upgrade that cpu well before needing a new card.
  11. 1440x900 is basically 1280x1024 with 30 more pixels which is a neglible difference. A 4870, 4890, or 5770 will all handle it fine. The 5770 will have the least problems with power and supports DirectX 11 so it will probably last longer.
  12. so no one suggest that the 5750 will be quick enough? im happy with a steady fps on games on max with min fps being 30 any thing less gets annoying
  13. The HD5750 will be an upgrade from what you have, but the problem is, it isn't much of one. Just get the 5770 -- you don't want to upgrade sooner because your, "trying to save money," ended up hurting you, do you?
  14. An HD5750 would be fine and despite what shadow says it would be a fairly large upgrade but the HD5770 is definitely worth the extra $20. If you are going to spend less you might as well just grab a GTS 250 or HD4770 for about $110.
  15. you do have a point because if i save $40 now i will prob wait one year because its not good enough and spend another 150-200 when i coulda just spent that $40 and kept it for 2 years, so its basically between the 4870 and 5770, if i see a brand new 4890 for around 160 give or take without mail in rebate i would just buy that, but seeing has how thats very unlikely i guess basically it comes down to this, the 4870 is equal to or a little bit better in performance over 5770, in the next 1 -2 years will there be enough of a reason to go to direct x 11? meaining would i regret not buying the 5770?, Btw i dont buy alot of games, , but i am looking forward to sc2( which im not 100% i will buy it) and diablo 3 ( i have a feeling diablo 3 will be my first dx11 title and that wont come out for a few years? just guessing), and im not sure about the next crysis. so in a direct x 11 game will the 5770 blow away the 4870, having better looking graphics, and higher frames?, or will there be maybe a slight or no fps/graphical advantage? im asking this because of tessalation but i dont know if tesselation is a factor at higher quality settings.
  16. The Hd5770 will have more mature drivers later on, and will surpass the HD4870 (most likely).

    There are already 30+ DX11 games being made; there's a (99%) guarantee that DX11 will be more-used than DX10 was.
  17. basically is there going to be a huge difference of performance and graphics in dx 11, i dont mind a slight disadvantage seening as how dx 10 barley looked better than dx 9. because if a 4870 basically has the same fps on the same settings as a 5770 (except for dx11 on) theres no point. i could just save the extra money for a better cpu or more ram.
  18. The HD5770 also uses MUCH less power than the HD4870, especially at idle. It will save you a decent amount of money on your power bills over time. With the price difference only being $10 the HD5770 is an easy call over the HD4870 to me.
  19. so is dx11 worth the upgrade from all the screenshots im looking at, theres not a big difference just a bit better shading
  20. The load DX11 has on GPU should be less, considering the more efficient ways that devs are making the games. This should definitely make DX11 worthy of your consideration.
  21. shadow187 said:
    The load DX11 has on GPU should be less, considering the more efficient ways that devs are making the games. This should definitely make DX11 worthy of your consideration.

    well with that information i take it as games are more optimized for dx11 the 5770 will beat the 4870 in a few months. so now i have to debate whether to go 5750 or 5770 because i really just want my graphics to look better than xbox 360 i dont really need the absolute highest quality.
  22. oh, btw say i were to be willing to buy a 4890 would anyone suggest that be more future proof/better than the 5770
  23. If you're willing to buy the 4890, then buy the 5770.

    Simple as that.
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