Asus p5q pro turbo dual channel problem

Hey everybody, im sure this is somewhere in the forums but ive been searching and trying everything i found with no luck. I recently put together a computer, i have an asus p5q pro turbo mobo, and corsair ram...
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it said it is dual channel, my mobo says it can handel dual channel, almost every ddr2 ram speed, and up to 16 gigs, so i dont know why the hell i cant get just 4 gigs of ram working in dual channel, it works fine on the first two slots, ( one black, one yellow) but once i go to B1 or B2 nothing happens, computer boots up, all fans and components are moving, but no picture shows up... can someone please help me. thanks
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  1. Download MemTest86+ from You'll want the Pre-Compiled boot image (.iso). Using Win7, unpack the compressed file. Double click on the disc image, select burning drive, put blank cd in, burn image.

    Once the image has been successfully burned, pop the disc back in and restart your computer. You may have to get into your BIOS to allow your cd drive to boot first.

    MemTest86+ will run automatically and test for errors. Should any errors be found, return/replace RAM.
  2. ASUS support emailed me and told me to try each ram stick in each slot one at a time. the first two work fine but dimm b1 and b2 dont work at all.. computer starts up, all fans and cpu and gpu fans start up, but no picture on the monitor..
  3. you may have a faulty mobo. Send a reply to the ASUS support; they'll probably tell you to send it back.
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