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Hi - I'm in the process of putting together a new build and I keep getting stuck on a case. I am fairly picky about little details since I'm gonna have to look at this thing every day and am having a hard time finding a case which meets the criteria I'm searching for, any recommendations would be appreciated, here are the primary things I'm looking for:

1) No side swinging door on the front, my last case had this and it irritates me to no end
2) Stealthy cd drives - by not having a door this usually exposes the ugly fronts of your optical drives, I don't want to look at those either - maybe some case with a cover attached to the bezel of the drive, or bay doors which slide open automatically when the drive opens
3) Not too much bling - I never got the whole glass side window thing or flashy blinky lights everywhere, seems tacky to me. While I wouldn't mind a little tasteful bling to give the case some personality, I don't want it to be a theme - simple, sleek, with a little personality is what I'm looking for here
4) Obviously decent cooling is always a factor so I don't want a case that will act as a heat-sink
5) Mid-tower ish size would fit best in the desk I have setup, but if I like the case enough I'll get a new desk ;)
6) Needs room for a raid 5 with 3 hard drives
7) Will possibly setup an sli or crossfire so may need room for that too but haven't decided
8) Front USB and Firewire (not top access unless its a really nice case which is desk replacement-worthy again)

Often times pictures of these cases online isn't the best way to get a feel for a case so I'd like to draw from owners experience with these cases - any recommendations?

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  1. The first problem is item 2 - stealthy cd drives. The only ones I know of are for small form factor home theater pc cases. I've never seen that on a mid-tower case.

    Second problem is item 4 - unless there is a misunderstanding about the meaning of the word heatsink. A pc case is kid of sort of like a heatsink in that it dissipates some heat. It is not normally noticeable but it does dissipate heat.

    Third is item 8 - Firewire is pretty much disappearing. Not much different from the situation with floppy disk drives, reset switches on the pc case, and case speakers. They've all been replaced with newer improved components.

    Have a look at the Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord PC-60 mid-tower case. Lots of innovative features, plenty of room, and excellent ventilation, airflow, and cooling. I've got one sitting on the desk next to me.

    Here is a link to a video review that monstermawd did:

    Last time I checked had the lowest price in the USA:

    EDIT - USB ports are on the top panel at the front of the case. I don't use them because I have a multi-card reader with USB port on the front panel.
  2. That's quite a list of requirements, almost asking too much. Don't be surprised if you end up resetting your expectations.

    Coolermaster HAF 922 or Storm Sniper are worth a look...
  3. Thanks for your feedback guys- I'll have a closer look at the cases you recommended. Based on my search so far I did know I may need to reset some of these expectations - I just don't like the idea of 'settling' again if I don't have to so I'm willing to devote some time to this search.

    The 2 points I'm having the most difficult time with are 1 and 2 on a mid tower or full size case - Can anyone recommend a few cases that at least meet those conditions? Its kinda depressing because so many big brand pc's don't have either of those issues but almost all other cases do, don't case manufacturers get that or am I alone in this belief?

  4. Too picky, i would reccoment the antec series, 300 and 900. But i guess it has too much BLING. Is a windows OK? If yea try some decent Coolermaster Cases
  5. Ya I do like the general appearance of many Coolermaster cases its the door vs visible optical drives that gets me on most cases I look at. I am definitley a picky person - maybe a case mod to get around this would be an easier approach?

    I had another thought, do they still make slot-load dvd writers that would work in a desktop 525 bay? That would be alot easier on the eyes if I had to look at one - any recommendations if there is?

  6. Thanks for the reply guys, I have found a reasonable comprimise. I'm going with the following:

    Apevia X-DREAMER3-BK X-DREAMER3 Mid Tower Case

    and adding in the firewire via 3.5 bay with

    The case has fold down doors which hides the 525 bay, its a little flashier than I would have prefered but if it bothers me enough a can of black paint could hide the interior.

  7. My recommendation?

    Lian Li PC-a77f.

    It has:
    1. 8 PCI brackets for 4 dual slot GPUs
    2. Amazing cooling, you can get no better from air.
    3. easy rear access of the motherboard so that you can change CPU coolers without taking out the motherboard, I LOVE THAT!
    4. It is very quiet for a case with so much airflow, Lian Li always puts a lot of effort into silence.
    5. It will fit anything you can throw at it.
    6. The only case that has USB 3.0 ports, so it wont be outdated in a year.
    7. EXTREMELY stylish and refined.
    8. Handcrafted from airplane grade aluminum.
    9. Lian Li cases are the only cases that can fit your drive stealth req. without modding because you can buy these:

    In case you don't like the lights you can turn them off or buy scythe slipstream fans which are the best on the market and are cheap.

    If that is too big for you then I agree with Johnny.
  8. oooohhhhh! aaaaahhhhh! Same interior features as my Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord case except for the hard drive bay devices with fans. Mine didn't come with any. I wound up ordering one.
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