Need to control fan speeds.

i have speedfan and i am able to control the speed of the fans to set them at a bearable noise level. But everytime i restart the computer i have to open speedfan up again and manually set the speed of the fan back to the level that i want it. Does anyone know how i can get speedfan to open up at the start of the computer, also with the same manually configured speed level?
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  1. forget it now, i have managed to sneak in the BIOS. Edit the voltage for the fan and also start temperature raised it so my 92mm chasis fan is constantly at a nice 1500 rpm.
  2. You can also buy a fan controler as the NZXT SENTRY 2:
  3. i've already got one of those in. For controlling the cpu fan. Don't want to stick too many fan controllers in. I just need the rear chasis an front chasis fans fixed at a bearable noise and speed. I think i've done it now, in the bios turning up starting temperature and puting voltage at 4.
  4. I also have the same problem, but in my case there is no setting in the BIOS and I am to tight to buy a fan controller has anyone any other ideas.
  5. lmao no mods for me. I've got it sorted anyway. In bios there is a "q-fan speed". For the start speed i enter 45 degrees. For the full speed i enter 55 degrees. The rear chasis fan never goes above 1670 rpm which is good, even when temperature goes over 45 degrees etc. I guess that it thinks for starting temperature when the computer is first turned on and after that it doesn't matter. Apart from that i manually put starting voltage down from 5 to 4 volts. My cpu fan is directly attached to a pci fan controller so if i want to overclock and put fan on maximum can edit it with ease. Front case 120mm fan stuck at 1200rpm average which is good stuff.
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