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i bought a AMD Athlon processor from my cousin and it has no hard drive in it. I need to know where i can get a manual to install the hard drive as well as tye specs to the mother board to set this copmputer up
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  1. First of all, welcome to the forums!

    Second, processors (CPU) do not have hard drives. CPU is the core of the system; a hard drive (HDD) is used for storage.

    Third, you don't need a mobo manual to show you where to install the HDD.
    If your HDD is SATA, install it in any SATA port. If it's IDE, install it on the larger (if more than one) IDE port.

    As for the specs, well the only thing that the manual would help you with is the BIOS. The BIOS is important, but generally what you'll need to know about overclocking and BIOS config can be found here .

    However, if you still need help finding a manual, I suggest going to the motherboard manufacturer's website and searching for it by using the model number on your motherboard.
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