Crash during video playback

My Pc crashes during video playback, unless i deactivate directdraw og direct3d acceleration.

The crash freezes everything on screen, and repeats the last sound heard. Hard reboot required. The crash happens after 10mins - 2hours of watching movies/streaming. So not mediaplayer related. Crash hasn't occured in games.

I have updated every driver i can think of, bios also.

My only solution so far, has been to disable directdraw og direct3d acceleration during video playback, and enabling again when playing games. But i would like to know the source of the problem, if you have any ideas?

Asus M4A79 Deluxe
AMD Phenom II X4 940
ATI Radeon HD4870
Samsung 22" SyncMaster 2233RZ
CoolerMaster Real Power Modular - 850W PSU
Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C5D, 2x2048mb

I've run memtest, reformatted, swithed monitors. Haven't been able to switch graphics card though, as i havent one extra in store.
Temperatures are fine also.
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  1. I deactivated hardware acceleration in VLC to prevent crashes. Had the same issue. Seems fixed for now 1 day and counting, where as previously it happened like every 1-2hours.

    Gigabyte P55 UD4p
    ATI 5850

    Also others had crashes viewing youtube, gametrailers, streaming sites etc... Using Adobe Flash plugin. Trick was to disable video card hardware acceleration also.

    It's ATI's buggy drivers. Running the latest Catalyst 9.11 and still unstable unless you deactivate hardware acceleration. : - )

    Can't seem to comment here.Hopefully it works and this solves your problem
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