How to Combine 2 VPN connection into one ??

My isp gives me VPN connection to connect to internet :

It works like this :

ISP -> VPN ( -> My PC (Internet connectivity)

The problem is, that if I am connected to this vpn using my username, I wont be able to connect to it from my other pc, it will give authentication failed error.

I want to use this VPN on 2 PCs at the same time.

I think the solution to this problem would be a router with VPN configuration ( a Lynksys wifi router might work) , am I right?

and My second problem is, that my ISP only gives me 512kbps connection ( which is actually around 400kbps to be exact, they are just idiots, giving us 400kbps saying its 512k, I ran many speedtests and got same results, even my download speed is around 45kbps , while it should have been around 60kbps).
So what Im trying to do is get 2 seperate connections from my ISP ( 2 x 512k VPN accounts ) and connect them from my PC1.

Like this :

ISP -> VPN1(, VPN2( -> My PC

Ive already tried this, but it doesnt give me upgraded speed, same old 40kbps..

Now my question is, would it work if I get a router which supports 2 VPN connections ??
would It combine my 2 VPNs into one ? and give the upgraded speed to my PC connected to that router??

Like this :

ISP -> router -> VPN1( + VPN2( -> My PC (upgraded speed)

Please help, Ive been trying to do this for a very long time but cant find anyway to do it :(

If this is possible by some router, please state their brand and model numbers...

I Live in Asia BTW...and its really hard and expensive here to get a faster Internet connection from a decent ISP ..

My current shitty ISP charges $10 for 512k connection .. so Im trying to get it to 1mb for $20 .. else I would have to pay about $30 - $35 to get 1mbps DSL broadband..
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  1. You can't have 2 VPN connections with the same IP address as that just isn't possible. You could have and, but it serves no purpose simply because your PC just can't use 2 connections to the same ISP at the same time. You can't setup link aggregation without special equipment at both ends (yours and the ISP). The least expensive solution is to buy the faster DSL broadband line or get a different ISP (if that's possible in your country).
  2. Buy the linksys wifi router you had mentioned that supports VPN. Within the Linksys, configure it to connect to your ISP's VPN. That will server as the end point for the ISP. The wifi router will then split the connection off to your other computers.

    As far as the numbers you're getting through your speed test, they appear correct. While your throughput may be 512k, actual will be lower.
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