Air cooler for 3930K


I am comparing various air coolers (don't want to water cool) for a 3930K setup.

Is this cooler -

a decent alternative to this cooler -


I plan to do mild to moderate overclocks on the 3930K, in the 4.0-4.5 GHz range, but it would be nice if I could go higher if I really needed to and still have manageable temps. I am looking for something that is better performing than the Hyper 212+ and Evo; given those requirements I don't care so much about price, I care more about functionality, weight (the lighter the better), something less bulky and less ugly than the Noctua. Also, I need it to clear normal (is normal considered low profile nowadays?) profile RAM modules.

I will probably put all this in an Antec P280 or Corsair 550D case.

Edit - The NZXT Havik doesn't seem to support 2011 socket (yet?) but if it did, would it be a good cooler? Other recommendations are also welcome. Thank you.
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  1. look at the pic on the left side (the one I have) either of those 2 cooler work, the one on the left is a thermaltake frio adv and the one on the right is a noctua nh-d14

    but you can always get away wit ha cooler master hyper 212 EVO
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