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Hello All,
Im not sure if I put this under the right topic or not. I am about to start my first gaming rig build. Just have to order the Memory next. I decided on the Crosshair III and the Phenom II x4 955 c3 (for future overclocking edumacation).
My question is probably more of a "Poll". I am interrested in knowing what others are running for speakers systems for the Supreme FX sound card. I'm not too "up" on sound systems for computers, my current one is hooked into my shelf stereo. But I figure with the investment I just made, a decent sound system is in order as well (if not too awful expensive).
My whole build came from Newegg. Thank you Toms Hardware Forums for the recommendations, and also for all the knowledge I have learned. So any speaker system will also come from "The Egg". I have gotten in the habit that whenever I am reading through the forums, I have Newegg's page open in another tab at the same time to look things up.

I also have a quick question about applying Artic Silver 5, but I can post that in a different thread should I get a reply to this instructing so. I have read AS5's site page instructions, and watched many Youtube videos. I just want to get it right the first time. I understand how critical it is, especially if oc'ing, to keep temps down.
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  1. For a sound card I would recommend the ASUS Xonar, see different cards and prices below. I also have an X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion on my other rig, its cool but I favor the Xonar.

    As for the AS5, follow the instructions recommended by AS5. For the Phenom x4 they recommend the "Middle Dot" method. See if the link below has the same info you seen.

    ASUS Xonar

    How to Apply Arctic Silver 5
  2. Thanks Starams5. My main concern on the thermal compound was I had seen 2 methods and was wondering which was best, full coverage of the cpu as done with a credit card? Or the center dot which only covers the actual cores in the cpu.........(saw a cutaway view in one vid)
    That Xonar is quite the sound card. I like Asus motherboards, so their sounds cards cant be too bad either. I'll ponder that one awhile.
    Thanks again
  3. You're welcome. They're recommending to use a credit card for tinting the heatsink which is a good idea. See below how I prep my heatsink (copy & paste) but follow the AS5 instructions.

    Heatsink: Remove the plastic protective film on the heatsink surface. Clean the old thermal paste off using ArtiClean (or Alcohol), use something that is link free like a coffee filter. After it has been cleaned put a small amount of AS5 on the heatsink and rub it into the surface in a clockwise manner with your finger in a plastic bag (shake & bake bags works well), at this point you don't want anything on the heatsink surface (lint, hair, body oils, etc). The purpose of the last step is to fill in any imperfections on the surface of the heatsink. Now take a clean coffee filter and polish the surface. Don't press down too hard or you will remove the AS5 from the bad spots.

    CPU: The CPU heat spreader can be cleaned with just ArtiClean (or Alcohol).
  4. I've seen them cover the CPU entirely using the credid card method, or a finger tip in a glove tip or plastic bag. And I've seen the dot method. I guess "entire coverage" (creditcard method) vs "just over the cores" (dot method) can only add to cooling effect, as long as its very thin.
    The cooler I have wont need tinting. Im not running stock as I intend to try my hand at overclocking once its up and running. The cooler I bought was the Zalman CNPS9900A, and its total copper and has a factory polished heatsink. Which was one of the main reasons I picked that one after much research. (just hope it isnt too tall).
    Thanks again
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    I tint all blocks, for liquid and air no matter what the metal is. But do it the way you feel most comfortable with, as you can see I don't follow instructions very well either. I usually go with what worked in the past until it stops working.
  6. Innovation Cooling's website states the pea size drop has the maximum coverage without any air pockets developing. here :

    but heres another guide to thermal paste application :
  7. Thanks for the help. The mirror finish on the Zalman cooler shouldnt need tinting, but I will gladly take your advice and do both it and the cpu (as Artic silver's PDF explains). After cleaning with alcohol of course. (hic cup) I read 70% works, but higher is better.
    Thanks again
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