Aero Glass on older video cards, possible?

Okay to the common day to day enthusiast this is a stupid question but i always had it in my mind! Is there some way around to make aero glass work on older video cards like geforce 3 or 4?

Please don't tell me to buy new cards, because i love old hardware and that's not the point of my thread :D

Aero glass is more like a marketing strategy to make people with older hardware to move onto newer hardware, but i find these older cards still pretty decent for some of the games i play so...

Aero glass is nothing less then eyecandy but i like it, and runs on pixel shader 2.0, and the cards i mentioned above run on pixel shader 1.0 or 1.1 .

Do any of you know if there is some way around to make aero glass to run on this sort of hardware?

I would be very pleased to know, thanks in advance for your atention : )
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  1. No more oldschoolers i guess.
  2. It requires a WDDM driver, so no way; not to mention the pixel shader version disparity, sorry. You may be able to find something that emulates its functionality though, which is what XP users attempted to do when Vista came out.
  3. Now isn't that unfair!

    Those cards have more then enough raw power to process that sort of effects, and the fact it uses pixelshader2.0 is definately a marketing strategy since pixelshader1.0 could do aero glass just fine!
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