Help with a Fantasy Build...

I am deploying to Afghanistan as a private contractor making 98k a year anddd I FULLY intend to put some of that $$$ to good use... Within the next month or two, I plan on putting a couple grand into a computer, my dream build so to speak...

The problem is, I've been building my computers with value in mind for so long, that I DONT EVEN KNOW what the high end products are...

The ONLY requirement that I ask when submitting suggestions, Is that the product atleast PULL ITS WEIGHT as far as cost is concerned... If you suggest a core i7 extreme processor for $1k, i want it because it performs like a $1k processor... I don't just want the most expensive stuff... I want the best stuff WITHOUT going nuts on price (IM NOT interested in spending 800 on a case)

I would also like to keep to a red/black color scheme... but again, im open for suggestions!

So... everyone.... whatcha got!?

Just What I've found so far... but im open for changes/suggestions... I'd KIND of rather have Ati honestly...

Case: Cooler Master HAF 922
Proc: Core i7 950
MOBO: EVGA 170-BL-E762-A1 LGA 1366 Intel X58 4-WAY SLI Classified XL ATX Intel Motherboard
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  1. Definatly get some SSD drives I would go with a couple of Corsairs p256s.

    And a couple Seagate 2TB drives

    as for gfx cards i would wait until the new nvidias come out
  2. what new nvidias? will they be better than what ATI has or will have?
  3. Nice suggestion on that SSD, Saaiello... in the reviews alot of people said the drive 'degrades quickly' what on earth does that mean i thought SSDs were supposed to be extremely durable!?
  4. the older SSDs would lose there speed after time but the newer ones are better with that there will still be somdegradation but it won't be anything noticable.

    The new Direct x 11 nvidia cards should be comeing out in the next couple months i think they said it will be called GTS 400s they are skipping the 300 line for now but they will go back and make em to fill the price gap
  5. Fantasy build? OK. I like your choice of CPU, but I might consider the 920. It can be made to perform every bit as well as the 950 and indeed the 975 Extreme, for less money, and, it's built like a tank! I like your choice on the mobo too. Asus almost had a corner on the market, but, I've heard latley that thier quality has suffered.....BADLY. Hard drive, well, WD seems to have the hot hand here, Caviar Black, look into them. Power supply.....good, clean power is EVERYTHING to a system. Without it, all you'll have is a VERY expensive paper weight. Get a good one, Corsair has an excellent reputation, modular I would prefer, cuts down on the clutter. Don't worry about the arguments about resistance in the connectors of modular power supplies, it's been proven to be negligable. 750 watt Corsair should handle most anything you can throw at it. Memory....again....Corsair has the hot hand here. The Dominator series is hard to beat, but can be pricey. They have other excellent choices for less money, but get as much memory as you can afford! Graphics card..........I know I'm gonna draw some criticism here. nVidia threw a grenade into the battle with the GTX 295. ATI were just throwing spitballs at that point, then they dropped the perverbial Daisycutter with the 5970. But, who has 400-500 for a graphics card? If you do, congradulations. For my money, I'd be looking at 2 ATI 4670's and hook them up in Crossfire. You'll get GTX 295 performance. Don't forget about the CPU cooler!!! Scyth has been coming on strong with thier products. Finally, your case. I want a HAF922 myself. But, I have read many threads about grounding issues. Something to do with touching it causes the system to shut down. Otherwise, if you can get over the size of a full tower ( I didn't realize just how big they were until I saw one in person ) the HAF932 is my choice. I'm sure you'll be getting a bunch of contradictory opinions on all of this. My best advise is to research, research, research!! Everyone has different needs and budgets. Don't buy based on price alone, don't buy based on name alone. Through your research, you'll see a pattern emerge as to what manufacturers are worth consideration. Set a firm budget, establish EXCACTLY what your computing needs are, then decide which components are the best that meet those needs. Good Luck!
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