Diamond ATI 3870 crossfire driver crash windows XP x64

Asus P5E
Intel Q6600
4GB Corsair Dominator
2 x Diamond HD3870 512MB with Catalyst 9.11
Windows XP x64

While I'm using windows, at random times (still haven't figured out a pattern to the crash), the screen freezes, the mouse still works but anything I click on will not respond, eventually the screen goes off and after 5-10 secs it usually comes back on with an ATI message stating that the video driver has just recovered with the option to send a report. Half the times after the screen goes off the driver will not recover having to restart my machine.

Has anyone experienced this?
Any solutions?

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  1. One or both of the cards could be over heating but since you did mention any thing about overlcoking I assume that you are not at this time. First check the cards for any major dust build up and test them separately to rull out a dud. Make sure that your psu is good enough or not failing.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Cranked down the Core and memory frequency a notch and haven't gotten any other instances of the error. I had overclocked the core about 80 Mhz over.

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