Bad DDR3 Memory Slot ?

It is possible to have a bad DDR3 memory slot?

I've been getting the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD frequently every ~5-10min upon reboot and BAD_POOL_HEADER once (never seen it again). I've been trying to shed some light on the situation.

I've ran the windows memory test and memtest86 one stick at a time each in slot 1 on the mobo and they both passed with 0 errors.

I moved the 2nd stick of ram to the 3rd slot instead of slot 2 and I haven't been getting the BSOD for the past 2 days. Although, this seems odd because I first started noticing it when I plugged in my 22" ACER monitor into my ati 5770 gpu. So far my theory is that the DDR3 slot#2 is causing the problems.. could this be possible?

Can anyone shed some light on this? I'll post back if I get the BSOD again (Hopefully not *crosses fingers*).
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  1. Yes, it is possible to have bad DIMM(s) on a mobo. Since you haven't mentioned it, try using the other RAM module in both slots and performing MT86+ to determine if the problem is in RAM or mobo.

    Also be aware that incorrect BIOS settings can often result in BSOD. Ensure that you have set you RAM timings, voltage, and speed to the manufacturer's specification and then run MT86+.
  2. Really need more info on the setup to know. This could be caused my many things.
  3. yeah like PSU, improper hardware compatibility. FTW - did you google the errors?

    nowadays, you can solve almost ANY problem via google search
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