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I initially wanted to pick an ASrock X58 Extreme as a budget motherboard for my i7 build but I heard that it has problems with memory (Not running Triple Channel Kit properly as well as a slew of other bugs) is this still the case? If it is what other Mobo would you recommend in the price range of 200-275 CAD (or simply as a suggestion over the ASrock).

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  1. ASUS P6T SE - $249 ($229 after $20 rebate).

    I'm not sure if Asrock is still having issues or not, but this board is better anyway.
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    I suggest the Gigabyte EX58-US3R for $174 AR.

    Here is the THG review comparing the ASrock X58 Extreme, ASUS P6T SE, and the Gigabyte board, along with several others.,2368.html

    In the conclusion it states "Anyone more interested in performance leadership than top overclocking might instead choose the Gigabyte X58-UD3R, its higher-spec eight-phase voltage regulator and two ounce copper PCB providing cooler VRM operation rather than an overclocking crown. Equally priced to the X58 Pro-E but with slightly less room for memory and expansion cards, its lower operating temperatures might make it a more reliable choice in high-stress environments."
  3. It's hard to go wrong with Gigabyte as well. The main differences between the boards rockyjohn and I listed, is the Asus has a 3rd PCIe x16 slot, and 1 more RAM slot.
  4. Thanks you very much to both of you. The P6T SE lacks SLI and I do not think 24Gb of RAM will be needed until I get my future PC. The P6T V2, though it has SLI, is 340$ so I will therefore opt for Gigabyte's GA-EX58-UD3R (16Gb max) at 210$.

    I have an other questions, is this the best Low Profile GPU that would run on 280 Watt PSU:
  5. It doesn't support SLI, but it does support crossfire. And you are asking about an ATI video card. If you go that route, SLI isn't a big deal.
  6. Sorry, I didn't fully explain. That card I'm asking about is for my current Dell Dimension C521, so I can play some games until I get myself my new PC. This PC will go to my brother afterwards and I wouldn't want him to be unable play anything because the GPU is intergrated.
  7. The manufacturer of the card you linked above - the 4670 - states the minimum system requirement of the card is 400w.

    You might run your system through on the power calculator to see if there might be more room. The lite version is free but I strongly suggest paying the few dollars for a subscription to the Pro model that gives the amps on each circuit and compare that with what should be on a label on the PSU.
  8. Well I check and I got 230. Also I did a search in the Newegg reviews and found 3 person with a C521 and all of them said it worked well without any additonal PSU:

    but one is Bottlenecking and the other has a more powerfull CPU. So I will simply pass on this and keep my money for my new PC.

    Thanks you very much to rockyjohn and aford10.
  9. I posted what I did to my C521 in this thread:

    Basically maxed out my machine and I couldn't be happier. Have not had problems with heat or power.
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