Need graphics card and monitor

Hey guys, I purchased almost my entire system last night. I was able to get everything but a graphics card and a monitor. Here is what I have.
I7 920
WD Black 640gb
Asus p6t deluxe v2
OCZ platinum 6gb ddr3 1600mghz
Antec 900
Sony DVD
Dark Knight CPU cooler

So what I need Is a graphics card that I can play any game on highest settings. I want to eventually crossfire another one in. I also want a really good if not the best gaming monitor I can get for under 400$. I need all this before Christmas.
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  1. Anything anything at all????
  2. HD5850/70
  3. Monitor? Anymore in depth answers.
  4. Today I would buy a monitor with a minimum 1080P resolution. Brand name is hard to recommend but the next one I am buying is going to be LG. I used to like Samsung and actually have a 7 year old 17" that is still going strong but the two last one´s that I bought have failed after 4 and 2.5 years respectively.
    I suggest 23"- 24" with minimum 1920x1080 resolution, it will go well with the previously recommended GPU´s
  5. Let me bestow on you this deal from Newegg.

    Hanns_G 28" (1920x1200) w/ 3ms refresh $260 + Free shipping. Through 11/29. Unbelievable deal and well reviewed. You're welcome!
  6. I have never heard of Hanns g. Would an led samsung be a good monitor? Or should I stick with lcd?
  7. Whatever you go for make sure its a IPS monitor. The stupid TN's don't deserve money to be wasted on it!
  8. I have a tn panel. I don't hate it. True color reproduction is a bit skewed, but I only use that particular monitor/computer for gaming and doesn't bother me a bit.
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