Pc overclocking self????need help please?????????????

phenom 965,gigabyte ga-78lmt-s2pboard his 6870 keeps overclocking reference clock to 352 and htlink to 3521 multiplier 18 says 6.34 ghz under system and passmark burn in test bios shows 18x multiplier 2000 htlink 200 reference clock am i having some kind of hardware failure motherboard or processor games are real slow when this happens
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  1. It's perfectly normal for your CPU to vary in speed, it self moderates based on how much load it is under.

    In your bios do you have any over the overclocking functions set to auto?

    Your biggest worry will be your voltages and what temperatures your computer is running at.
  2. pc jumps to 3.6 ghz to 6.5 ghz no i set everything to manual to try to stop it runs like crap when it ocs its self. bad stutter
  3. Have you tried updating your BIOS to the lastest (or older version if you're running the latest?)
  4. i think i fixed it i hope.done a hard reset so far so good only a month old crashed during bfbc2 started ocing itself.dont do it all the time usually when i restart system.
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